Steve Dekay Elevates Your Spirit On Latest Single ‘Dimorphos’

If your feet are still touching the ground after listening to this song, play it again, but louder.

We’re constantly on the look for the best music out there, and, as far as 2023 Trance goes, we might have found a strong contender for the most emotional tune of the year. If you know me, you’ll know I’m a sucker for melody, and have a special place in my heart for those tracks that can make you open your eyes in disbelief. It almost never happens, and it just happened with this single.

Colombian Trance producer Steve Dekay is no stranger to great music, having climbed the ladder so high, he’s already collaborated with Paul van Dyk twice, and perhaps most notably on ‘Aurora‘, one of the tracks of Paul’s late 2018 album, Music Rescues Me. Today, though, he brings us a solo production, one which goes on to unleash his full potential and his special sound: ‘Dimorphos‘, out now everywhere via Amon Vision.

Steve Dekay.


The power this track possesses during the first and last drops is sensational, but honestly, I can’t begin to emphasize just HOW MUCH the melody elevates you. Wait until the break and you’ll see. Fly-away pads, vocal beds, a proper Uplifting Trance lead that opens from a pluck all the way to a super wide masterpiece. It’s all there.

You always jump blindly into a new song, perhaps with expectations, perhaps with none, but when the look on your face changes, that’s a sign of something either original, moving, or otherworldly. If the break was a flight in itself, the second half of the melodic drop is a space voyage. Get ready for a one-way ticket, I’m still sky-high after that one, and I’m already on my fourth play. I suggest you do too.

Listen to Steve Dekay‘s wonderful track ‘Dimorphos‘ by hitting play on the Spotify button below this paragraph. Alternatively, click here to fly over to YouTube, or here to support the release on Beatport.