Beatport Launches Beatport Studio to Fuel Musical Creativity

Beatport, the global leader in music for DJs, producers, and their fans, today announced Beatport Studio, a production membership that consolidates the creative ingenuity of The Beatport Group‘s producer ecosystem. Merging a diverse array of creative instruments and effects from the Plugin Boutique catalog, the extensive sample libraries from Loopmasters, and the user-friendly workflow of Loopcloud, Beatport Studio represents a pivotal leap forward in the realm of music production. 

Structured around a flexible and cost-effective model, Beatport Studio encompasses all the essentials for producers to establish, expand, and refine their production style. In fact, with an ever-expanding portfolio of plugins, members have the freedom to make selections and rotate their choices every 30 days, facilitating experimentation and the discovery of tools that resonate with their creative vision. Beatport’s own research of its global community of DJs has shown that more than 60% of DJs are also producers, resulting in a massive potential addressable market for the Beatport Studio product.

Here is what Robb McDaniels, CEO of The Beatport Group, had to say on the announcement :

“Beatport Studio marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering music producers worldwide. We’ve harnessed the collective creative strength of Beatport’s Producer Group to deliver an integrated production marketplace that reflects our dedication to innovation and flexibility to ensure our users are at the forefront of shaping the sonic landscape.”

Moreover, Beatport Studio members gain access to hundreds of thousands of meticulously curated sounds via the Loopcloud Sounds plugin. Browsing takes place directly within one’s digital audio workstation (DAW), streamlining the process of sample discovery, empowering users to channel their energy into creative endeavors. Learn more here.

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