Simon Gregory Unveils The Trance-Inducing ‘F.O.S’ On Mondo Records

Start your week with the best fly-away combo, courtesy of Progressive Trance’s finest.

Bring your fire extinguishers, people! And also your trustworthy packet of tissues. Because Simon Gregory‘s newest single, ‘F.O.S‘ is now available to stream and download everywhere. If you’re up to date on what I’ve been writing about lately, Gregory will be no stranger to you. From tracks like ‘Tension‘ under his conjoint alias Digital Drift alongside Nitrous Oxide, to his recent solo banger ‘Feel Music In The Air‘, this guy knows his synths very well.

‘F.O.S’ comes to be yet another piece of him to find a home in Darren Tate‘s imprint, Mondo Records. As a matter of fact, this is the sixth single he releases via Mondo, this year alone. Can we call him a resident already? I believe we can. Let’s dive into the song.


Although shorter, this track is as powerful as previous works of Mr Simon. Galloping bass plucks, occasional growls, and other textures form a first drop filled with energy to the brim. That is, of course, until all high-end frequencies are left aside for the melodies to start rolling in. You know the drill by now: a bassline that makes you float, alongside pads that take you by the hand. And away we go.

Feel the mirrored pluck transport you to a trance, perhaps to the earlier years of the genre even. Two or three melodies caress your ears during the break: the main pluck, a soft piano, and the beautiful bed produced by the pads moving around. Get ready for the melodic drop, which blends the best elements of the first drop with the main melody of the break. Beautiful.

Listen to Simon Gregory’s latest single ‘F.O.S‘ right below for your beloved Spotify play. Also, be sure to follow this link to support the track on your platform of choice.