Nitrous Oxide & Simon Gregory pres. Digital Drift – Tension

Get ready for a round of Progressive Trance bliss, from the hands of two giants.

Friday, sweet Friday. We waited for you for so long! Six days to be exact. And here’s the reward: steamy, ready-to-serve new music. One of today’s releases comes from the collaboration of two massive artists regarding the Trance and Progressive Trance scene: Nitrous Oxide and Simon Gregory, this time under their newest conjoint alias, Digital Drift. Their latest landscape? ‘Tension‘, out now on FSOE Argento.

Chris, the man behind Nitrous Oxide, has been one of the leading artists in the scene, releasing a ton of his discography on Anjunabeats with breaking tracks such as ‘Follow You‘ featuring Aneym, ‘Magenta‘ — my personal favourite — and ‘Flat Six‘. Three albums into his career, he’s now the proud founder and head of the Oxidised Music record label.

Simon, on the other hand, is a Mondo resident by now, with a decent chunk of his songs signed on Darren Tate‘s imprint since 2017. Staying on the big leagues, some of his tracks can be found on Elliptical Sun, and even Anjunabeats.

Digital Drift

This is not the first time Chris and Simon merge their sounds: they first came together for the appropriately named ‘Fusion‘, one of the tracks which make up CD2 of the mighty Above & Beyond Anjunabeats Volume 16 compilation. Shortly after, they collaborated again to release ‘Black Alert‘ on Mondo Records.

They’ve now decided they like their fused sound enough to create a new alias altogether, and we can now refer to them as Digital Drift. Which sound will they adopt for this new chapter in the artists’ history? Well, we might have the answer.


A lovely piece of Progressive Trance is the result of the first-ever Digital Drift song. Enjoy floaty atmospheres, pounding beats, and an overall aura quite worthy of being highlighted as one of the year’s best so far.

Make your way to the song’s start to receive some pretty powerful acid leads, long background growls, mysterious pads, and an exquisite percussion arrangement. Into the break we go, and we’ll find a teasing garage loop, which ends up unraveling completely for the airy, floaty bliss of Trance awaiting: evolving pads paired with a classic piano, bringing you to the air completely. Past the buildup, the drop brings back the growls from the first drop, but now working in parallel with the melody. This truly is a piece of Trance music art, with many of the older elements added in a new fashion. Be careful, you may love it.

Go and listen to this banger! Have a taste of ‘Tension’ by Nitrous Oxide and Simon Gregory as Digital Drift. Click below for your Spotify play, or click here to be redirected to YouTube. Also, click here to support the release on any platform of your choice.