Unveiling ‘The Protagonist’: Gromo’s Explosive Hybrid Fusion

Genre-bending DJ, producer, and film enthusiast Gromo is on a mission to take listeners on a mind-bending journey. A journey into the depths of his creativity. Hailing from the vibrant music scene of New York, this multi-faceted artist has honed his craft through a diverse palette of influences and experiences. From performing at Ultra events across the globe to collaborating with top-tier artists. It goes without saying that Gromo’s unique sound has been shaped by a passion for art in all its forms.

A Fusion of Influences: Gromo’s Evolution

Adopted from Guatemala and raised in New York, Gromo was immersed in a rich tapestry of music from an early age. Further, this upbringing instilled in him an eclectic taste, ranging from Hard Rock to gritty 90s Hip-Hop. Additionally, he is also inspired by everything from Dubstep legends as well as genre-defying films. Gromo’s debut EP, The Vortex, is set to unveil a sonic landscape that marries his love for visceral emotions and narratives. On further inspired by the realms of horror and science fiction. With this five-track collection, he pushes the boundaries of his production, with an immersive, cinematic experience filled with emotional resonance.

Enter ‘The Protagonist’: A High-Energy Collab

Today, Gromo treats us to ‘The Protagonist‘, the second single off his upcoming EP. In addition, the tune features the acclaimed rapper Chevy Woods. Woods is known for his collaborations with hip-hop heavyweights like Waka Flocka Flame and Wiz Khalifa. This collaboration bridges genres seamlessly, fusing a contagious four-on-the-floor beat and thumping bass wubs. The final touch on the record comes in the form of compelling bars from Chevy Woods. The track kicks off with cinematic synth arpeggios, transitioning swiftly into a hard-hitting bassline. This further showcases Gromo’s prowess in sound design as well as his knack for pushing the boundaries of traditional genres.

Chevy and I connected virtually during the pandemic when we collaborated on a Trap-style beat“, Gromo says. He then adds, “Chevy has always been an MC I’ve admired and it was great bouncing ideas back and forth“.

I had the vocals for about three years before adding them to ‘The Protagonist’ track.


He then proceeded to dive deeper into the story of the collaboration by saying, “I was inspired to add his vocals after watching Fred again..’s boiler room set. it threw me back to highschool days mixing for NYC high schoolers and ravers at Ultra, which was a challenge because at that time there was not a lot of hybridization of genres. it was either Rap or Dance music. ‘The Protagonist’ is a live mashup of both“.

Additionally, Chevy Woods had the following to share:

When Gromo first hit me up about working together on the track I knew we could create a banger. The flow came together super quick and I’m very excited for this track to be heard by both of our fanbases!”

Finally, stay tuned for Gromo’s debut EP, The Vortex, which will be released this January. Meanwhile, let the electrifying blend of Bass House and Hip-Hop in ‘The Protagonist’ set the tone for what promises to be an unforgettable musical journey. Gromo & Chevy Woods‘s single is out now on Gromo Music. The track can be streamed below, enjoy!

Gromo, Chevy Woods – The Protagonist | STREAM


Braedon Gromek, known professionally as Gromo, is a NYC-based songwriter, producer, DJ, and a graduate of NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. He started his career organizing and performing at under-18 parties in some of New York’s hottest night clubs including Pacha, Lavo, and Riff Raffs. Through those experiences, he gained entry into the EDM festival scene. At age 16, Gromo was the youngest DJ to play at Ultra Music Festival in Miami followed by multiple international events in Europe and Asia. Gromo’s natural interest and curiosity in music developed into a passion.

Growing up he listened to his father’s eclectic music collection and would analyze songs, breaking them down to their most basic elements: rhythm, melody, and harmony. This deep-rooted knowledge of music’s building blocks set him on his creative journey and the story of Gromo began. Influenced by Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal, Electronic music, and film, Gromo molded his own sonic collage. He believes he can learn from all genres, making his music more compelling. “Song ideas can come from anywhere.  I’m inspired by people, places, and cultures”. When writing music, his philosophy is to keep songs simple, not be predictable and always add an element of surprise.