You Don’t Wanna Know Who Else Will Play at The Sphere

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On Sept. 29, The Sphere will welcome the legendary rock band U2 as they open up the first night of their residency. The Sphere is a very wonderful entertainment venue located inside The Venetian Hotel and Resort and it is a perfect hotspot on the Las Vegas Strip. In regards to U2, the Irish band will perform 25 shows as part of their ‘U2/UV Achtung Baby Live’ residency at The Sphere and their residency will conclude on Dec. 16.

According to an article from the financial news outlet The Street, U2 sold out four shows of their residency for the following dates: Sept. 29 and 30 and Oct. 7 and 9. A fifth date, Oct. 5., had originally sold out until there were tickets that are still available to purchase at $1,450. As for the remaining 20 shows of U2’s residency that still have tickets available for purchase, the ticket prices range from $400 to $1,450.

The other artists that might have residencies at The Sphere next year

There are also rumors of potential artists that will have residencies at The Sphere next year after U2 and one of them is former One Direction heartthrob, Harry Styles. In fact, the Las Vegas Review-Journal stated that Harry Styles might have his residency kickstart in March. British tabloid The Sun mentioned back in January that The Sphere offered the British pop icon £40 million ($50 million) to headline a residency there. One of the main reasons for wanting Harry Styles to headline a residency at The Sphere was because the pop star had sold out about 250,000 tickets for a 15-show residency at Madison Square Garden back in 2022.

As for April (the month after the probable Harry Styles residency), the other band that might have a residency at The Sphere on that month is the renowned progressive/psychedelic rock band Phish. Phish is a band that The Sphere’s bookers have frequently listed as top names to headline a future residency at the venue. There was a possibility that the band might perform at The Sphere on New Year’s Eve. However, the band is already booked to perform four shows around that same New Year’s Eve weekend at Madison Square Garden.

The Sphere entertainment venue
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