Massano Unveils Pumped-Up Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1

A rising artist in the Melodic Techno genre, Massano just unveiled a top-notch Essential Mix for the world-famous BBC Radio 1 after announcing it last week. The mix is exactly two hours long and it is an amazing set that easily goes with any setting or function that anyone is enjoying their time in.

On Massano’s Instagram post about his Essential Mix being played on BBC Radio 1, he excitingly stated, “Couldn’t be happier with my Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1! Having grown up listening to the Radio 1 Dance Family & Essential Mixes religiously, they had a huge influence on my musical taste. So much so, that I would even say that I wouldn’t be making the music I make today if it wasn’t for their impact“. On the Essential Mix tracklist that BBC Sounds listed on its page, Massano included collaborative tracks he produced alongside Camelphat and Stephan Bodzin.

Massano’s Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 has tracks one can listen to over and over

Additionally on the tracklist, comes his edit of The Chemical Brothers‘ track ‘Do It Again‘ and his 2022 remaster of ‘The Feeling‘. A couple of noteworthy mentions are the tracks from other fellow artists such as ‘Perception‘ from Chris Avantgarde, The Element‘s remix of Underworld‘s ‘Born Slippy‘, and Eric Prydz‘s remix of Faithless‘ ‘Not Going Home 2.0‘. Finally, listen to the mix by clicking ‘Play’ on the SoundCloud link below. Listening to the mix will bring those awesome London (or Manchester or Birmingham or Liverpool) club vibes right to one’s eardrums in an instant.