SNAILS Reimagines ‘Legendary’ by Hyro the Hero and Atreyu With a Thrilling Dubstep Twist

Coming hot after the release ‘Is This Even Dubstep‘, SNAILS breathes fresh air into ‘Legendary‘ by Hyro the Hero and Atreyu. Hyro The Hero, known for his explosive fusion of rap and rock, has been a rising star in the music scene. With his compelling lyrical prowess and infectious energy, he has carved a niche for himself as an artist who defies genre boundaries. On the other hand, Atreyu, with their powerful and melodic post-hardcore sound, has been a cornerstone of modern rock music for years. ‘Legendary’ which is already known for its anthemic rock sound and empowering lyrics, has now undergone a thrilling transformation into the world of dubstep with a remix from SNAILS that is nothing short of electrifying.

What Montreal producer SNAILS has done to reimagine the remix is nothing short of legendary. His remix of ‘Legendary’ takes the heart-pounding elements of the original and amplifies them to new heights, but with an unexpected turn. SNAILS starts the introduction with a piano build, something you don’t usually see in a rock/dubstep track, and goes along seamlessly with an energetic drum buildup as Hyro the Hero’s powerful vocal delivery gives off a sense of empowerment. From the very first drop, listeners are thrust into a sonic rollercoaster ride that promises an adrenaline rush like no other. The remix is laced with signature SNAILS growling basslines, intricate electronic textures, and wobbly synths, as Fred brings an entirely different dynamic to the song with his production.

This remix also serves as a bridge between two different musical worlds. Fans of rock and dubstep alike can come together to appreciate the fusion of styles and the resulting sonic explosion. Check out ‘Legendary’ below and enjoy!