Richie Hawtin Announces Winner of PhD Scholarship Program

Earlier this year, Richie Hawtin launched his PhD scholarship program at the University of Huddersfield. Now, he just announced the winner, 37-year-old French native Pierre Griscelli.

The scholarship, entitled The Richie Hawtin PhD Scholarship in Electronic Music, Cultures, and Production, includes tuition for the full, three-year program, as well as personal tutoring from Hawtin himself. Hawtin received an honorary doctorate from the University, and has since visited to give masterclasses as well as one-to-one sessions with students.

The Winner Project

Griscelli’s research proposal, Techno Hardware-centric, Real-time, Improvisation, Performance and Production Solution, will explore “the true creative and technical benefits and challenges of using hardware synthesizers in the production of techno music; as well as the distinct intersection of music production and performance“.

Regarding the scholarship, Griscelli expressed: “It is an honour to have been entrusted with this research in electronic music“. He further added, “Beyond the gratifying acknowledgement of being selected, I recognise the substantial responsibility that comes with it“.

“It involves striking a harmonious balance between art, technology, social dynamics and academia, guided by the mentorship of Richie Hawtin.”

-Pierre Griscelli

On the opposite party, Hawtin also appeared excited to participate in the scholarship program and continue his relationship with the University of Huddersfield. In his own words, his aim with the program is “to assist in a student’s exploration of the past and inner workings of our industry and help them offer new critical analysis from a contemporary perspective“.

“My hope is to offer my experience and insight into the many areas of Techno culture which I’ve been involved in over the past thirty years.”

-Richie Hawtin

To celebrate announcing the winner, the university will be hosting an in-person conversation with Richie Hawtin on October 17th. You can register to attend for free here.