LP Giobbi Launches Label Yes Yes Yes With Single ‘Time Expands’

The girl of the moment comes back with much more than a lone release this time — and we’re all for it.

LP is back. And not only does she strike shelves and stores alike today with a hot single that highlights her savoury Disco-infused sound: she brings a new record label to the table too. Please welcome Yes Yes Yes, the youngest branch of the Defected Records family. Via the imprint, the DJ, producer, pianist, and now label head, will make sure to expand on her musical touch, both on her own productions and on those whose songs get a contract with Yes Yes Yes.

Yes Yes Yes

Remember the word “expand”, because you’ll hear it a bunch today. The first single of LP Giobbi‘s record label is titled ‘Time Expands‘, and it is a purebred record that has her name all over — more on that later. Regarding the label, though, she recalls the name Yes Yes Yes comes from a hippie gathering her parents would take her to. She says, “I grew up going to this hippie festival in Oregon called the Oregon Country Fair. My parents started going in their 20s and I have never missed it since the womb. It’s my favorite place on earth because it leans into weirdness, joy and mind opening experiences“. She further adds, “The first thing you see when you walk on site is a sign that just says, ‘Yes Yes Yes’ and it makes me smile ear to ear every single year“.

“This label is not beholden to one genre or one particular sound. It’s simply about good dance music, made for the dancefloor that expands your mind and makes you feel good.”

-LP Giobbi

On that note, Defected CEO Wez Saunders also had a word about Yes Yes Yes. He comments, “Whenever LP releases or plays for the labels, the magic just happens. Our fans are super connected to LP, and as such I am sure they will be very excited about our affiliation with Yes Yes Yes“. And so, it’s easy to see the excitement about LP’s new label goes both ways: fans and producers alike.

‘Time Expands’

The song is a catchy piece, showing dynamism, colour and an overall aura only LP Giobbi knows how to craft. Enjoy a blend of the finest Disco elements, such as tambourines, tremolo’d sustained leads, a pointy analogue bass, and filtered guitars, all while on the dancefloor. Because, yes — or, dare I say, yes yes yes —, this track is made especially to bring all the vibes to the club, or festival.

The release also marks the first time LP has used her own vocals on a record. “The whole song came to me pretty quickly all at once and I thought it would be so fun to have a weird psychedelic message floating over the dancefloor and the repetitive groove“, she says.

“This song is made for weirdos on an open-minded dancefloor, similar to one you might find at the Oregon Country Fair”

-LP Giobbi

Make your way towards LP Giobbi’s excellent new tune ‘Time Expands‘ via the Spotify button below attached. Also, make sure to check out the single on the platform of your choice, by clicking this link right here.