EXIT Festival Debuts New Label ‘EXIT Soundscape’

EXIT Festival, one of Europe’s premier electronic music festivals, has debuted its newest record labelEXIT Soundscape‘. The festival had just celebrated its 22nd edition in Serbia’s Novi Sad and the debut of EXIT Soundscape shows its passion in supporting the future rising stars of the electronic music industry. The launching of the label aligns with the ‘Music & Talent Office’ project that the brand has brought out to the electronic music industry titled ‘EXIT Echosystem‘. To further celebrate the debut of EXIT Soundscape, Serbian producer Space Motion and Trance artist JES released the first single on the label, ‘Universe‘.

‘Universe, the first single on the EXIT Soundscape label

Space Motion himself comes from Novi Sad, Serbia’s second-largest city and the home of EXIT Festival. As a result, Space Motion has a special connection with the EXIT Festival and the same goes for the festival with the producer as well. The single, ‘Universe’ draws influences from the most recent EXIT Festival and the shooting of the single’s music video occurred during the festival itself. The music video even features clips of Space Motion’s set at the festival’s famous ‘Dance Arena‘ while the festival was still going on.

This year’s festival occurred on the weekend of July 6-9 and featured lineup headliners such as Alesso, Skrillex, and The Prodigy. The festival will return next year for the weekend of July 11-14. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link above to listen to the ‘Universe’ from Space Motion and JES.