ATTLAS Releases Ethereal House Single ‘A Game Of Fairies’ 

Juno-nominee ATTLAS returns to Monstercat today with the captivating new single ‘A Game Of Fairies‘. The record transports listeners into a dreamlike atmosphere with its emotive resonance and melodic soundscapes. 

A Game Of Fairies‘ carries a profound message inspired by ATTLAS’ personal experience finding fireflies during challenging times. He drew inspiration from the mesmerizing dances of fireflies in the night sky during moments of hopelessness. These luminous creatures appear as an illustrative reminder that it is possible to find light and beauty amidst dark times. The title stems from late-night walks along dimly lit trails surrounded by fireflies. They act as a reminder that you are going in the right direction. 

Reminiscent of ATTLAS’ extensive melodic dance records like ‘Ryat‘ and ‘Further‘, the new record reintroduces his classic instrumental dance elements, leading with a grinding saw bass front and center. The nostalgic touch immerses listeners in the emotions and energy that ATTLAS knows to illuminate throughout all of his records. He says, “‘A Game Of Fairies’ is a slightly more poetic interpretation of what I was looking at, but the sentiment is the same in my heart“.

“The tiny dancing lights you see when you’ve gone off the path and the darkness seems overwhelming, those are the games of fairies and reminders of the light and hope.”


ATTLAS – ‘A Game Of Fairies’

ATTLAS A Game of Fairies

Renowned for his visionary take on melodic house, ATTLAS continues to take listeners through emotive listening experiences with his records while pushing boundaries in the electronic scene. Being a 2x Juno nominee for ‘Electronic Album of the Year’ is a testament to his artistic journey as a continuum, reflecting his growth, experiences, and evolving perspectives.

Starting to introduce a new chapter of music this year, he steps into a musical zone that is fueled with a lighter, energetic approach – a direction that is less vulnerable than his older releases. Since 2020, he has put out four albums, three as ATTLAS and one as his alias Sun Lo with Richard Walters. He made an impressive Monstercat Silk debut with his remix for CloudNone’s From Here, then returned with the impressive collaboration ‘Over The Water‘ with Mango, which has amassed nearly 5 million streams, followed by his latest single, ‘Used To The Silence‘ with Jodie Knight

ATTLAS is looking forward to his upcoming performance at Flux Sessions at Hammerjacks in Baltimore on September 16 where fans can hear ‘A Game Of Fairies’ live. While you can listen to this incredible song below!