Digital Drift Unveils Next Collaborative Single ‘Apollo’

The Progressive Trance duo returns to the spotlight with a new single that’s sure to captivate the ears of connoisseurs.

A song recently caught our eye when we were listening to the latest edition of Above & Beyond‘s Group Therapy. And after checking the screen for its name, how wouldn’t we be hooked?! Nitrous Oxide meets Simon Gregory once again for their conjoint project Digital Drift. With decades of experience between them, whatever comes out of their studio must spell a great track.

We’ve already had them debut with their single ‘Tension‘, a few weeks ago. This time, they knock on the door of FSOE Argento once again to showcase their latest, titled ‘Apollo‘. Coming to be a much more Progressive tune than their previous release, this one is a welcome addition to many sets of varied genre.


With a vibe truly resemblant to the pre-2010 days of Progressive Trance, Digital Drift’s ‘Apollo’ is a little treat from the past to our ears. There’s no rough drop, there’s no hands in the air. The song is, all throughout, an ode to the “less is more” saying. The drop, instead of standing out and being the protagonist, builds towards the break, which grabs your attention straight away.

Very wide and long-decaying synths fill the atmosphere, for a melody that is to be repeated from this point onward. The second drop comes in full force, yet still elegantly making use of the elements in the break. This is pure fly-away-Trance right here.

Have a listen for yourself! Check Digital Drift‘s ‘Apollo‘ by clicking the interactive Spotify button below. Also, check it out over here if you wish to listen to it on YouTube, and be sure to click here to support the song on any other platform.