Camelphat Releases Excellent Sophomore Album ‘Spiritual Milk’

In 2021 my friend left me by myself during Arc Music Festival in Chicago. Little did I know that was the day I was going to experience Camelphat. Their music was so esoteric, ethereal, and magical, I knew I’d turn into a big follower right away. Hope you’re ready to be launched into a melodic adventure. World-acclaimed duo Camelphat has just released their newest Album Spiritual Milk through their own label When Stars Align. A combination of soulful and inspiring melodic house, with powerful and avant-garde melodic techno, the album is meant to be a celebration of life through unapologetic love and freedom.

Award-Nominated British producers Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, also known as Camelphat, have encompassed their growth since their latest album Dark Matter. Spiritual Milk is full of emotive lyrics, beautiful ambient sounds that bring serenity to the listeners, along with some sick basslines that make the dancefloor shake. Talent including Max Milner, Sohn, Mathame, Kölsch, Anyma, Eynka, and London Grammar, leave their mark on each track, allowing the album to be an exploration of melodies and sensations.

The Album

With a residency in Pacha Ibiza, touring with Afterlife, and playing at Creamfields, its most likely more than one of this tracks made their way into your heart, before their official release. ‘Spiritual Milk’ collects sounds from different genres that turn into a cohesive storyline. From beautiful wind chimes, piano, string arrangements, and crashing waves in ‘Hope’ ft. Max Millner (Spiritual Milk edit), ‘The Sign’ ft. Anyma (Spiritual Milk edit) or ‘What a Day’ ft. Eynka & Delilah Montagu, to euphoric and dark disco sounds in ‘Compute’ ft. Ali Love and tropical vibes in ‘Embers’ ft. Shimza & Julia Church and ‘Primavera’ ft. PPJ (Re-Edit). Moreover, ‘Many Times’ ft. Mathame, Frýnn pays respectful homage to trance. The album even ends in an indie-alternative guitar ballad with ‘Love is Something’ ft. Jake Bugg, personally if you manage to sneak in an indie song in a mind-blowing track list, you earn my trust.

“…we’re at a point in our career where we can possibly afford to be more expressive and less fearful about what other people think.”


From head to toe the album takes you to different musical realms on each listen. Consequently, I’d hate to rank each song. However, I surely have to put ‘Bloom’ and ‘Colossus’ ft. Kölsch on top. These are the two songs in the album with no vocals needed to deliver a powerful statement. Bloom is the delicate and gloomy counterpart to Colossus, a victorious beat that will lift your spirit instantly. If I were to play multiple set in front of thousands of people, I’d play these two songs together each time. They complement each other extremely well. Can’t leave without acclaiming ‘Higher’ ft. London Grammar, their most recently single that forms part of the album and has been warming listeners up this summer.

If you don’t believe anything I’ve been telling you this whole time, I’ll leave the full album for you to make your own opinions on it. But you’ll remember my words; This album is a melodic piece of art. A progressive fusion of sounds that mixes elements of house, techno, indie, disco, and trance.


CAMELPHAT & Max Milner – Hope (Spiritual Milk Edit)



CAMELPHAT & Anyma – The Sign (Spiritual Milk Edit)

CAMELPHAT & Ali Love – Compute

CAMELPHAT & Mathame & Frýnn – Many Times

CAMELPHAT – In Your Eyes

CAMELPHAT & SOHN – Turning Stones

CAMELPHAT & PPJ – Primavera (Re-Edit) 


CAMELPHAT & Kölsch – Colossus

CAMELPHAT & Shimza & Julia Church – Embers

CAMELPHAT & Desire – Rain

CAMELPHAT & Eynka & Delilah Montagu – What A Day

CAMELPHAT & London Grammar – Higher

CAMELPHAT & Jake Bug – Love Is Something