Argy and Omnya Release Melodic Techno Banger, ‘Aria’

Argy and Omnya have collaborated once again to release a spectacular melodic techno banger by the name of ‘Aria’. This track is the perfect start to an autumn season that will still provide an equally exciting period of this year, just like what this past summer provided. Both Argy and Omnya released ‘Aria’ on the the phenomenal Afterlife label and their collaboration on the track marked the second time they worked together since remixing Monolink‘s ‘Aura’. In fact, this track also marks the second official release from Omnya as well. Stream and download ‘Aria’ now on various streaming platforms by clicking on this link or click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below this paragraph.

The beginnings of ‘Aria’ from Argy and Omnya

‘Aria’ from Argy and Omnya first made its appearance back in March at an Afterlife event in Madrid. Since the debut of the track, it later became a popular track for many Afterlife fans, especially those who have went to Hï Ibiza. The track contains euphoric vocals that can lead the listener to a world where every little worry that they have are not present. The steady but still lively breakbeats perfectly complement the vocals to bring in emotions of strength and confidence to get one off their feet in an instant. Finally, at the bottom of the post, one can check out the YouTube video of Argy and Omnya’s live performance of ‘Aria’ from Tomorrowland too. The environment at Tomorrowland when ‘Aria’ was fantastic and powerful.