Argy & Omnya Release Official Remix of Monolink’s ‘Laura’

Following the 2021 release of Monolink’s critically-acclaimed sophomore album Under Darkening Skies, the internationally renowned producer and solo live act now invites two of the underground circuit’s most authentic voices, Argy and Omnya, to deliver a stunning new remix for the long player’s opening track Laura‘. The release lands on the esteemed Berlin-based imprint Embassy One and marks a debut for the newly-formed outfit Omnya.

A staunch contributor to the growth of the melodic techno scene, Argy’s impact has spread far and wide across his almost twenty-year-long career. Existing above the notion of genres or trends, the prolific Greek artist’s musical output captivates both the underground and mainstream communities. This is a quality that has no doubt aided in the longevity and success of his career.

While the newly-launched collaborative project of Israeli DJs and producers Ilan Shemi & Maor Tsemah, Omnya’s presence has already been felt across the underground community through heavy support for their upcoming track IDs.

One of twelve impeccable vocal-led offerings on the record, for sure. ‘Laura’ served as a vibrant preface to the thought-provoking and reflective opus that is Under The Darkening Skies. Featuring vocals from Monolink himself, the indie-dance number – and its succeeding cuts – displayed a truly avant-garde essence that labelled the LP his most daring and complex body of work to date.  

Out now across all streaming platforms, Argy and Omnya’s tasteful rework guides Monolink’s refined and cinematic original to a dark melodic techno realm that’s conducive to late-night listening, implementing powerfully resonant percussive work and long, reflective breaks. The pair have created an anthemic gem that’s as dance-inducing as it is meditative.

Tethered to the roots of its original counterpart through tone and narrative, Argy and Omnya’s latest release is a masterclass in remix work. This one is sure to open ‘Laura’ to new audiences.

You can listen to Monolink- ‘Laura’ (Argy and Omnya remix) below!