anamē Release Anticipated Debut Album ‘Beautiful World’

The duo have just revealed many of their ongoing productions, further solidifying their sound.

The latest Anjunabeats sensation band just made headlines (quite literally). Marcus Schössow and Thomas Sagstad, two veterans of the scene who just recently joined forces as the conjoint act anamē, have achieved their greatest milestone so far. And that’s because the duo released their long-awaited debut album Beautiful World.

In a year as fruitful to the Anjuna brands, with albums from the likes of Marsh, Leaving Laurel, Simon Doty, and P.O.S, the duo anamē bring their own sound and twist to the Trance table. The boys have developed a sound that can perhaps be most tightly tied to Melodic Techno. That would be a bit too simplistic, though, since, with Beautiful World as proof, Marcus and Thomas push boundaries in each and every work of theirs.

Beautiful World

An album that takes you on a journey as you travel through its walls, landscapes and textures. Beautiful World comes to be a very interesting blend of sounds, old and new, analogue and digital, calm and euphoric, all coming together in style. Along a ride that lasts just shy of 52 minutes, enjoy the different moods of the 14 tracks that make up anamē’s debut LP. The general genre of the piece steers towards a very melodic, Melodic Techno, although most tracks will make you doubt: this album is truly a genre-bender.

A variety of artists came together for this album, which features Lydmor, Bien, Steve Smith, shobi, Lya Adams, and even AN21. Put on your best pair of headphones, turn the lights off and get ready to listen closely to the tale of each track. From calm, happy-sounding tracks like ‘Must Be Dreaming‘ with Bien, to more heavy-duty renditions like ‘Someone We Used To Love‘ with Lydmor, there’s a song for everyone in anamē’s Beautiful World. There’s even the contrast of a very analogue ‘Couples Therapy (Interlude)‘ coming just a couple of tracks later than the energetic, garage-ready breakbeat of ‘Fiji‘.

Writer’s Picks

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of melodies and songs that make you feel something other than the need to move around and bang your head — in fact, that’s why I love Anjuna so much. My favourite track on the album has to be ‘Anywhere (Road Trippin’)‘. It was not a surprise of the recent release since it was the first song to ever be lifted, along with the album announcement, and that’s precisely why it is my favourite.

The day the single was published, let’s say I wasn’t feeling all that great. Dangerously deep after midnight, I saw the single and decided to press play: it lifted my spirit in an instant. The aura of the track is really playful and joyful. The guys at anamē claim it is the perfect song for a long car ride during the summer, but I truly believe it is so much more. Because I felt it, first-hand.

anamē – Beautiful World Tracklist

  1. Anywhere (Road Trippin’)
  2. Someone We Used To Love with Lydmor
  3. Must Be Dreaming with Bien
  4. Bermondsey Bender
  5. Closer with shobi
  6. Gravity
  7. Patched
  8. Hurt You with AN21 & Lya Adams
  9. Beautiful World with Steve Smith
  10. Fiji
  11. Escape
  12. Couples Therapy (Interlude) with Lydmor
  13. Peaceful Avenues with Lydmor
(Left to right) Thomas Sagstad, Marcus Schössow.

Final Words

All in all, anamē have a great product between them. Beautiful World does an amazing job at blending emotion, beats and vocals into a polished album, one that we hope is the first of many milestones achieved by these guys. As summer comes to an end, this is the ideal piece to say goodbye to a season many wait year-round to get. And for the time being, you can listen to the opening track to get that little warm flashback of the beach, the sun, and the icy drinks.

Listen to anamē’s Beautiful World in full down below for your Spotify play. Alternatively, head this way to listen to the Continuous Mix over at YouTube, or click here to support the album any way you like.