Marsh Aces It With Breathtaking New Album ‘Endless’

The British artist’s new Long Play is out today on Anjunadeep and features a variety of his signature sounds and styles.

Tom Marshall, better known as Marsh, is one of those artists who has taken the world by storm these past years. With tracks like ‘Healer‘, his ‘Shivers‘ remix, and ‘Lost In You‘ all making headlines, he now unveils his third album Endless, making it clear he won’t be hitting the breaks anytime soon.

One could argue Tom’s sound has become truly iconic over the years, to the point of it being instantly recognisable when you hear it: it’s a mixture of a Deep House bass, soft plucks, sweet arpegios, sexy percussion, open atmospheres, and, funnily enough, lots of toms.

A Little Insight on Marsh’s Career

His first releases date back from around 2012 on Silk Music, while he remixed Above & Beyond‘s vocal hit ‘Counting Down The Days’ featuring Gemma Hayes in 2016. The next year, he released his debut album Life On The Shore, and the year after, he made it to Anjunadeep as part of the Explorations 07 compilation with ‘Black Mountain‘. From then on, his sound has only got more and more refined with each release.

As part of the Anjunafamily, he’s scored a handful of goals: his track ‘Eu Phoria‘ was featured in Above & Beyond’s ABGT350 Deep Mix, then ‘Come Together‘ with Nox Vahn came to be, bringing Alan Watts‘ renowned voice over to the Deep House world, and then he landed a beautiful progressive remix for Armin van Buuren and Susana‘s iconic trance classic ‘Shivers’. Then came Lailonie, his second artist album, then a remix for the timeless Solarstone’s ‘Solarcoaster‘, then ‘Little Darling‘… I think the point is clear. He’s given it the beans ever since.

Today, Marsh’s third album sees the light of day. Its name is Endless and, allow me to break character for a second here, it’s GOOD. It’s really good.

“I’ve written this entire album on the move, writing from so many different homes. On a deeper, more spiritual level, this has led me to question, what is truly home, and will we experience home after this life?” -Marsh

The Endless Journey

You can tell when an album is just a collection of songs put together, or when it is crafted and thought of as a story, each song representing a chapter of said story. Marsh’s LP is an example of the latter. Across 11 songs, Endless tells a tale of the calm, the euphoric, the thoughtful, and more, with each song evoking a unique feeling, and together painting a rollercoaster of energy, going up and down twice along the 49 minutes that it lasts. The album is arranged in such a way that the contrasts help depict the story, with the more club-oriented records put to shine by the calmer break tracks in between them. Ladies and gentlemen, Endless really is a journey.

From the beautiful piano in ‘Pneuma‘, and the delicate elements reigning over ‘Hymn‘ and ‘Sleep‘ featuring Jodie Knight, to the housier, club-welcome ‘Reminiscent‘ and ‘Touch The Sky‘ alongside Simon Doty, to the absolute hard hitter ‘Fall To Pieces‘ with vocals from Leo Wood, you’ll have a hard time getting bored with this one. Endless truly shows what Tom is capable of, including all of his signature sounds and mixing them together in really interesting ways. The more you listen, the more details you’ll encounter. If you know where to look, you might find the album’s wine bouquet to be evocative of Marsh’s past works, such as favourites ‘Little Darling’, ‘Liberator‘, his unreleased ‘Played-A-Live‘ remix, and even a slight taste of Andy Moor’s ‘Fake Awake’.

Writer’s Picks

It’s really hard to choose just one song, or even two, but I’ll go with ‘Fall To Pieces’ and ‘Endless’ as my top tracks of the album. Sensible advise: make room to dance for the first; grab some tissues and enjoy the second one eyes closed.

Check the full tracklist down below.

Marsh – Endless Tracklist

  1. Pneuma
  2. Blue feat. Leo Wood
  3. Reminiscent
  4. Touch The Sky with Simon Doty 
  5. Fragments feat. Jodie Knight
  6. Hymn
  7. All Night Long
  8. Fall To Pieces feat. Leo Wood
  9. Forgiveness with Wassu feat. Mariel Beausejour
  10. Sleep feat. Jodie Knight
  11. Endless 
Phase one of the Endless Album Tour.

Endless Album Tour

Of course, the album couldn’t come alone, all by itself: Marsh is hitting the road yet again. This guy is using the definition of World Tour properly as well: his Endless tour will be coming to Argentina, the US, the UK, Europe, Japan, India, and more over the following months. Have a look, he might be stopping by your favourite venue. Click here to see where the tour will be heading next.

Final Words

Perhaps it’s Tom’s deep sound’s eternal flirt with Trance that has many hooked to his music: he’s capable of bringing the airy, floaty, vocal-choppy, euphoric-ey and arm-lifty aspects of said genre down to a more intimate, deep house atmosphere, effectively breathing new life into those same old feels. But hey, enough talking, it’s time for you to give Endless a very well-deserved listen. This way. You’re in for a treat.

You’ll find the Spotify album right below. Alternatively, click here to stream the album elsewhere. Want to claim one of the few Endless vinyls remaining in stock? Click this link right here.