Viral Tweet Highlights Difficulty Dating a Touring DJ

Headphones and heart concept for love listening to music

EDM Twitter blew up on Friday after LongStoryShort shared a Tweet about dating a DJ. The post described a detailed scenario of what it’s like balancing producer life and love life from the POV of a significant other (Tweet below).

However, it may seem to outsiders; there is ultimately major sacrifice on both sides. As it is known, being an artist in the EDM industry is no easy task, as are most highly demanding careers. The constant touring and travelling, producing good music, staying relevant, putting out creative content, etc, all of that takes a toll.

And that toll is on their personal lives; DJs and their partners sacrifice time together to advance their EDM careers. But indeed, it can work if both individuals are in it together, as described in the above Tweet. It’s a commitment and sacrifice, but if you love someone, it’s essential to let them do what makes them happy.

Additionally, DJs are human beings; they want/need relationships just like everyone and should be able to have that. Dating a DJ may not be a walk in the park and isn’t for everyone, but that sacrifice and support goes a long way for artists.

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