PEEKABOO, G-Rex, Skrillex, and Flowdan Team Up For Huge Track ‘Badders’

When four artists collide, you know you are in for a big one. PEEKABOO, G-Rex, Skrillex, and Flowdan all ganged up for an absolute heater in ‘Badders.’ You are going to want to hear this one in full force.

PEEKABOO shared a story about his best friend G-REX who was going through some personal hardships. The two worked on ‘Badders’ in Detroit and channeled their emotions into music. Skrillex and Flowdan added their unique contributions to the track and ‘Badders’ was born.

This track is unique to bass music and on the experimental edge of things. ‘Badders’ is a testament to the journey that PEEKABOO has undertaken from the time he first heard Skrillex’s ‘Kill Everybody’ during a gaming session as a teenager. The track does have similarRumblevibes with the pulsating synths and of course Flowdan’s signature vocals. PEEKABOO had this to say about the record:

“We didn’t overthink it; we focused on creating something that we both enjoyed and connected with”

Make sure to check out ‘Badders‘ below!