One World Radio Launches 24/7 Channel ‘Tomorrowland Anthems’

A radio tailored to those in need of some Tomorrowland bangers year-round.

We feel you. Tomorrowland ended a week ago and we still can’t put our feet back on the ground. It’s too much to ask to have to come down from such an experience. Luckily, Tomorrowland also listened to us. Read on.

One World Radio has launched a brand-new radio channel called ‘Tomorrowland Anthems’. The third brother of the OWR family which includes the main ‘One World Radio‘ and ‘Daybreak Sessions’ channels, ‘Tomorrowland Anthems’ will fly listeners on a non-stop musical journey of those anthems we all know and love. Get ready for the most iconic Tomorrowland tracks when you need them most.

There’s no right or wrong time to tune in, as the channel will air all day long, all night long, and all week long. Expect to hear a mix of the most memorable songs in the history of Tomorrowland, as well as the hits of the moment, worldwide, and 24/7. There’s a sport for you at all times. And in all time zones.

To access, you just have to enter Tomorrowland’s website or, alternatively, download the Tomorrowland App to bring your own mini festival wherever you go.

Here’s to an experience of nostalgia and memories unlocked!