Multi-Platinum Producer Amp Live Weaves Reggae and Hip Hop Seamlessly in Latest Bass EP ‘Let’s Start The Show’

Multi-platinum producer and DJ, Amp Live, makes quite the mark on Subcarbon Records with his highly anticipated 6-track EP, titled ‘Let’s Start The Show.’ This release showcases Amp Live’s unparalleled ability to weave together the distinct sounds of reggae and hip-hop with the profound depths of bass music, creating a mesmerizing rhythmic symphony.

With ‘Let’s Start The Show,’ Amp Live caters to a spectrum of musical preferences, smoothly transitioning between the intensity of adrenaline-fueled beats and the tranquility of mellow, downtempo harmonies. This EP represents a fusion of genres and influences, showcasing Amp Live’s progression as as diverse artist in crafting a cohesive and dynamic collection. His ability to fuse the raw energy of hip-hop with mesmerizing basslines and melodic reggae undertones is a captivating earful for listeners, taking them on an unique sonic journey. The EP is packing with collaborations as well with Chali2na of the renowned hip-hop collective, Jurassic 5, and the trailblazing bass maestro Dirt Monkey.

Here’s what Amp Live had to say about his latest EP:

“The Let’s Start The Show EP channels the raw energy of boom bap hip hop while infusing hard hitting wobbling basslines and soulful melodies. Each track transports you to a sonic intersection of 90s golden era hip hop and future forward bass music.”