Grammy Nominated Producer ford. Releases Most Introspective Album to Date ‘Guiding Hand’

ford.’s latest album Guiding Hand is a heartfelt tribute to the individuals who propel us forward in life. For ford., this force is linked to his older brother Parker, whose tragic passing at the age of 7 deeply influenced ford’s artistic journey. His brother lost his life while attempting to save a classmate from a hidden whirlpool under a bridge. The cover art of the album displays plaster casts of his mother and Parker’s joined hands, crafted during the week between his passing and burial. His brother was the reason he ever began writing music in the first place, and remains a constant influence for him in his life. Two years in the making, Guiding Hand signifies a pivotal chapter in ford.’s creative journey – a period of growth, maturity, and introspection.

ford.’s latest album production started in 2020 and was birthed in the majestic scenery found in the Utah mountains and valleys. Guiding Hand is an innovative electronic body of work which resonates with profound emotion. Drawing inspiration from artists like Caribou, Jai Paul, and Jamie XX, ford. bends elements of electronic, hip hop, indie, jazz, and lo-fi production. The 9 track album features intricate live drums, textured strings, modular synths, crate-dug samples, and vocals that add to the immense depth of each track.

Here’s what ford. had to say about this latest offering:

“I really just wanted to be more intentional with the music this time around. A lot of it was me trying to get back to the idea of conveying emotion through just the music alone (hence the one feature) and being a little more purposeful and aware of where I was pulling inspiration from. It’s a cliché but I do think there is a lot of value in letting the music speak for itself and letting people connect to it in whatever way makes the most sense to them.” 

Guiding Hand is out now via Foreign Family Collective and can be listened to down below!