Meta’s New AI Tool Creates Music From Text Prompts

Meta has released a new artificial intelligence (AI) application that allows marketers to generate music using text prompts. The new AudioCraft system employs three models – AudioGen, EnCodec, and MusicGen to generate high-quality, realistic sound effects, compression, and generation, in addition to music. According to the firm, all music used to train MusicGen is owned by Meta and is specifically licensed for this reason.

If marketers employ AI to make music, they will have access to an infinite number of samples that can be created instantaneously, potentially saving them a significant amount of time. This also means that marketers will no longer need to recruit and pay musicians, saving them money.

While advertisers will definitely be enticed by the prospect of saving time and money, there are key considerations to consider before relying on AI for music and sound creation. Artists have already accused digital behemoths of violating their intellectual property rights when training their AI. Indeed, Google was recently sued for allegedly stealing content for AI training. If there are copyright issues, this might be extremely problematic for advertising, with major financial ramifications.

It’s also worth noting that if all brands suddenly rely on AI for music and sound creation, the music may not sound original, making it difficult for campaigns to stand out. Issues like this can have a negative influence on engagement, which in turn can have a bad impact on conversions.