Jauz Drops Hard-Hitting and Hypnotic ‘Mind Control’

Jauz is back to his hard-hitting ways with ‘Mind Control’. The single marks the first taste of his new album scheduled for September. This comes as a surprise announcement to all with this being his second album this year. Unlike his previous house-forward Rise of the Wise album, the second instalment of this two-part series, Wrath of the Wicked, is an unparalleled fusion of drum-and-bass and dubstep energy.

‘Mind Control’ kicks off with huge horns leading the way. Punchy drums and tension begin to rise before we are thrown into the bass-heavy drop. You will be losing your f*ng mind” to this one when it hits. The 2nd drop may hit even harder than the first with the introduction of new brain-tingling synths. It feels like the old Jauz we all fell in love with years ago.

The project also unveils an all-new tour concept in which Jauz fans can choose from either of his Wise vs. Wicked performance dates. Jauz’s exciting two-part project celebrates the five-year anniversary of his debut album, The Wise and the Wicked, marking a significant milestone in the producer’s musical journey. Jauz had this to say:

If my last album (Rise of the Wise) was the Yin, this one (Wrath of the Wicked) is the Yang. The whole goal behind both of these albums was to dive into the polar extremes of the sounds I’ve always made and push each direction to the limit.

Make sure to check out Jauz’s Mind Control below!