ARTBAT and John Martin Release New Single, ‘Coming Home’

Adding on to an eventful year with new music successes and shows around the world, Ukraine’s top electronic music act ARTBAT, have just released their most recent collaboration: ‘Coming Home’, in partnership with Grammy-nominated singer John Martin. Coming out on Warner, the single and official music video saw a release on August 25th.

This release is an incredibly personal one for the Ukrainian duo, and with John Martin and his fellow writer Michel Zitron onboard, altogether they have crafted a touching composition, which was written with ARTBAT’s homeland in the forefront of their mind. The record delivers a message of positivity and hope, for those who long to see their homes and their loved ones once again. It embraces the essence of what it means to be home and safe, and ‘Coming Home’ also evokes a sense of joy and warmth that everyone can feel from all across the globe. Enhanced by the angelic voices of a children’s choir, the song serves as a beautiful reminder of the sheer bliss of embracing our cherished ones, no matter the distance that separates us.

John Martin brings his signature vocal sound that has been instrumental in so many anthems over the years, with over 1.2 billion streams on Spotify alone. Starting off with light, airy keys, and John Martin’s powerful voice sets the tone for this emotive production. There is a powerful juxtaposition between the kick drums and dancefloor nature of the music and the loving, tender nature of the melody and lyrics ensuring this will be a hit on dancefloors across the globe while touching the hearts of listeners and leaving them with uplifting and hopeful feelings. 

Have a listen below! Also, click this link to support the song anywhere you like.