First Generation iPod Auctioned For Record-Breaking $29,000

Apple changed the world of music in 2001 with the release of the Ipod. Last week that first generation unopened Ipod was auctioned for a whooping $29,000. This sold via the Rally Alternative Asset Investment platform.

Diving deep into the 2000s, I remember getting my first Ipod, a treasured present. Similarly in Piano, Texas a teenager received a gift from his parents on the Christmas of 2001.  The couple purchased it for $399 plus tax at Willowbrook Mall’s Apple store. Now I am not sure how the kid didn’t rip that package open and start listening to all that music on the tiny box. But the gift remained untouched, in its original package until this year. The now adult mentioned he didn’t know what to do with it, so he put it on the shelf and time passed by. He rediscovered this forgotten gem when his father passed away as he cleansed his childhood home.

Apple lovers

The platform that arranged the sale is Rally, which is used for enabling shared ownership of unique assets. Backtrack to 2021, 5,000 shares of the iPod were offered to investors at a $25,000 valuation. But surprisingly Thursday’s sale was a 16% return since the figurative “IPO“. There has been a spike in interest in Apple products recently. Let’s go to Louisana, an original factory sealed 2007 4GB Apple iPhone was sold for a record-breaking $200,000. The 4GB was too little storage for the mass public and was discontinued few months after its release. But it turned out to be a money minting auction item.

If you are an Apple fiend, then you should be hyped by a fully working 1976-77 Apple-1 Computer. It has a custom built in keyboard, power supply, handmade case and an original Steve Wozniak signature. This beauty is being auctioned off currently in Boston. This relec is expected to real in over $200,000 by the closing date of August 24th.

I am so fascinated by these finds and will be storing my valuables safely! Stay tuned to EDMTunes for all your latest music updates.