ZHU Releases New Track ‘Changes’ As Part Of 2-Track EP

Few can do it the way ZHU does it. For real. The American DJ and producer has had a busy year and doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon. Today, ZHU released his new track ‘Changes’. Released through Astralwerks Records, ‘Changes’ premiered as part of a 2-track EP which also contains ZHU’s previous release ‘Revelations’.

ZHU is back with his new track 'Changes'

It’s been almost a decade since ‘Faded’ became one of the biggest songs in dance music’s history. Its iconic vocals, paired up with ZHU’s distinctive style launched the producer into the top of the industry. Now, 9 years later, ZHU reflects on the many changes his life’s gone through ever since rising to stardom. The egos, the ups and downs, and everything that people don’t usually see. Everything comes together under one track. One message. A constant mantra repeating over and over again. A message resumed in one word: changes.

ZHU’s latest track is led by his unique voice. Paired with a melancholic set of chords, ZHU reflects on life and its changes over and over again while his newest track steadily rises and drops into an ethereal, synth-pop-like drop. Once again, ZHU manages to create a perfect correlation between all the elements in his track. Everything flows together and on the same direction, making this yet another absolute heater by the man himself.

It’s hard for an artist to maintain consistency. Having the ability to stay on top of your game for almost a decade is nothing short of amazing. During all these years, I’ve followed ZHU somewhat closely, and he’s managed to become a perfect example of what I’ve just described. His music, along with his career as an artist keeps on reaching new, unexpected ways to tell his story to his fans.

Stream ZHU’s newest track ‘Changes’ out now!