Skrillex, Boys Noize Reunite for ‘Fine Day Anthem’

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Skrillex and Boys Noize

Skrillex has released his first new single of the summer, ‘Fine Day Anthem’, alongside fellow DJ/Producer and collaborating partner Boys Noize. The duo recently previewed ‘Fine Day Anthem’ during their last minute B2B set in Berlin. Additionally, Skrillex, Fred again.. and Four Tet’s unforgettable headline set at Coachella 2023 previewed the track for the attending fans as well.

The ‘Fine Day Anthem’, out now via OWSLA/Boysnoize Records/Atlantic, comes as the first collaborative banger that Skrillex and Boys Noize dropped together since their Turn Off The Lights EP back in 2019. Also, ‘Fine Day Anthem’ is not a part of Dog Blood, Boys Noize and Skrillex’s popular side project. Check out ‘Fine Day Anthem’ from Skrillex and Boys Noize, which samples Onus III’s classic 1992 dance hit, ‘It’s A Fine Day’, below via Spotify now.

Skrillex and Boys Noize bring out nostalgic dance vibes with ‘Fine Day Anthem’

The duo of Skrillex and Boys Noize have built world-class reputations for themselves as innovative, trend-setting electronic dance music producers. There was no exception was made when it came to the stylistic choices for the cover art for ‘Fine Day Anthem’. Created by digital artist Thomas Harrington Rawle the cover art drew inspiration from 90’s rave photos, with an original piece of artwork created using both studio photography and manual digital painting.

Furthermore, the production for ‘Fine Day Anthem’ is melodic and contains with spectral, crowd-gathering vocals slicing. Afterwards, the vocals made their way eloquently through a hyperactive house drop. It is no surprise that Skrillex says the track has been a staple in his DJ sets for the past year. With the release of ‘Fine Day Anthem’, it is going to be a summer jam that fans can blast on repeat without any worry.

There will be more amazing music coming from Skrillex

Skrillex first teased ‘Fine Day Anthem’ on Instagram back in May. What he shared was a snippet of the single as part of a carousel post and he tagged his fellow collaborator Boys Noize in the caption, along with other likely album collaborators such as ISOxoFlowdan, PEEKABOO, G-REX, HamdizeinaMiss Lafamilia, etc. The release of ‘Fine Day Anthem’ continues what looks to be an awesome 2023 by Skrillex, especially since he released two albums, Quest For Fire and Don’t Get Too Close, respectively within a couple days of one another.

After teasing about ‘Fine Day Anthem’, Skrillex also did the same in regards to two more upcoming albums later this year. On a tweet from April 19, Skrillex posted “QFF, DGTC, SKRLX, CONTRA, 23”. “QFF” and “DGTC” are the acronyms for the aforementioned Quest For Fire and Don’t Get Too Close that he already released earlier this year. As for “SKRLX” and “CONTRA”, no details have been announced about them yet.