Skrillex & Boys Noize New Dog Blood Track is “Coming Soon”

Boys Noize just confirmed that he and Skrillex have a new Dog Blood track in the making and will be coming very soon. The announcement was made during a recent interview from Boys Noize (real name Alexander Ridha) with CULTR magazine. Full interview available here.

Sonny (Skrillex) and I make a lot of music together…We have a new single actually coming out very soon. ‘Skrillex and Boys Noize’—I will be playing it tonight.”

Boys Noize

A few lucky fans listened to the new Dog Blood track live during Boys Noize’s performance in Australia earlier this month.

The last release by Dog Blood dates back to 4 years ago when they brought out their very successful ‘Turn Off The Lights’. The EP featured songs such as the title track, ‘4 Mind’ with Josh Pan and X&G, and ‘BREAK LAW’.  Prior to the ‘Turn Off The Lights’ EP, Dog Blood released their sophomore EP ‘Middle Finger Pt. 2’ which featured 3 tracks with respective remixes.

Dog Blood will be celebrating its 10 years anniversary this summer, we can’t wait for this release, which will definitely live up to the hype and both artists’ craft.

In the meantime, listen to Dog Blood here.