NIIKO X SWAE Drop Blissful New House Track ‘Not Around’

NIIKO X SWAE have had quite a rise in the last year. On top of a plethora of releases, they have had remixes with Armin Van Buuren and John Legend. Their latest track to grace our ears is a happy song about moving on. ‘Not Around’ is a face-paced house track that will bring a smile to your face while leaving your body moving. The duo said the inspiration for the track came from the most “memorable studio experiences ever.”

NIIKO X SWAE tapped into an unconventional technique to achieve the tonality of the vocals. They recorded Łaszewo’s Keeva singing over a version of the instrumental that was three semitones down, then went in and pitched her vocal up three semitones to match the original key of the instrumental. The track also features individual vocals from each member of both groups. I would say her vocals are perfect for the tune.

They had this to say about the track:

We can’t even exaggerate the amount of dancing and smiling that occurred while finishing this record up, and we’ve been antsy to release it ever since.

‘Not Around’ is pure happiness. The theme of stepping away from someone or something that’s not good for you. We all have the ability within us to thrive on our own. The beat is so catchy!

Make sure to check out ‘Not Around’ below!