Massane & Grigoré Release ‘Cryo’

It’s new music Friday with us at EDMTunes, and one of today’s new tracks is ‘Cryo‘. French producer Massane releases third track ‘Cryo’ of his upcoming album By The River. Massane teams up with fellow This Never Happened veteran Grigoré, who brings his melodic techno sounds to this banger.

Massane’s set to release his sophomore album By The River on August 25th via Lane 8’s This Never Happened. This follows his debut album Another Dawn, which was also released through TNH. Massane first appeared on TNH in 2020 with his three Visage EPs. Massane’s music so far has been an immersive soundscape for listeners like me. His album Another Dawn was 11 tracks long and took me on an introspective journey. I don’t know about you, but this album coming out in 2021 during a dark time in the world made me want to dance my worries away. Let’s dive into more detail on the three new tracks he has released from his upcoming album! Listen to them below if you haven’t heard them just yet.


I am sure this track sounds familiar to you, you could trace it back to none other than Lane 8’s summer mixtape 2023 at the two hour mark. ‘Cryo’ takes a turn away from Massane’s soft melodies, you hear a mix of drums, bass, synths that focus on one arpeggio. This dark track screams melodic techno and ties the unique and creative personality of Grigoré well with Massane. Massane has been on tour for the last few months and mentioned ‘Cryo’ to be one of his favourite tracks to play live. The energy on the dancefloor during Massane’s second US tour was the birthplace of this single.

I personally am a big fan of Grigoré, the deep & melodic house alias of techno/tech house producer, Khrebto. A collaboration between the two doesn’t come as surprise as they have been creating waves for the last few years through the TNH Label. Grigoré debuted the alias via Lane 8’s Sunrise boat set in 2020. His music has been released on Spectrum, Diynamic, Odd One Out to name a few other labels.

‘Trust’ & ‘Craving’

Massane’s upcoming album uses nature as a source of inspiration, but this time he focus on drawing his energy from the crowd on the dancefloor. The second single ‘Trust‘ released from this album was a collaboration of the French man and Malou. The vocals of Malou mix well with the soft melodies, signature tones from Massane. The single ‘Craving’, released earlier this year in March, is a mix with none other than Benjamin Roustaing. You would have seen the duo produce ‘Closure‘ from Another Dawn. His vocals floor us once again, this work is darker than their first masterpiece. The melancholic lyrics with the deep voice of Benjamin, speaks of an instant connection with a stranger, an experience Benjamin personally had and inspired this track. The music on this track with the live instruments that are signature Massane and I absolutely love how diverse all three of these tracks are.

Massane on Tour

If you have not caught Massane live on tour, now is your time! He announced another set of shows in North American for the rest of the year. Check out the dates below or here, and more to be announced.

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