SUNGYOO Releases Debut EP ‘Blue Light’ on SM Entertainment’s New EDM Label ScreaM

South Korean titan entertainment group, SM Entertainment has entered the EDM space with their latest initiative called ScreaM Record Label. The new label focuses on house and pop music with the intention of breaking some of South Korea’s brightest dance music producers. The label’s latest release comes from the talented SUNGYOO with his impressive new EP called ‘Blue Lights‘.

SUNGYOO’s newest EP ‘Blue Lights’ features 4 new songs with his first one called ‘Blue Intro (Sweet Vanilla). As presumed from the track title, the song is an intro to the full EP that features a groovy vibe to demonstrate all that is in store with the rest of the EP. Second song on the EP is called ‘Tonight’ and it features the vocals of Thomas Daniel. The song’s upbeat disco house melody is rejuvenating and perfect for the summer vibes. Another track on the EP is called ‘For My Own’ and it is a collaboration with J.O.Y. The song includes sentimental vocals that reflects a lot of the music released on the SM Entertainment label. Overall this new EP presents a collection of music that is simply masterfully produced and mastered but with SM as their umbrella label, you should expect nothing less.

SM Entertainment has brought us some of the biggest K-Pop hits in the world and you can expect them to do the same under their new dance music label ScreaM. SUNGYOO’s new EP is just a sneak peek into what the label has in store for us so be sure to look out for their upcoming releases. For now, you can check out SUNGYOO’s new EP ‘Blue Lights’ below now.