Raver Gets Hit With Drone At EDC Las Vegas

Drone shows are really fun to watch. They are not so fun to get hit in the head with though. One raver posted a TikTok of her unfortunate situation at EDC Las Vegas. Jacquelyn Heywood was enjoying her night when a drone decided to bring the show into the crowd. It occurred during the GRiZ set at Cosmic Meadows.

The drone hit her in the jaw and neck. Let’s just say she had an excuse for why her jaw hurt the days after. You can see the drone comes flying in and does not slow down in any regard. It makes for a funny video and a unique story at least.

Thankfully Jacquelyn is okay and seems to be positive about the whole incident. Insomniac Events did reach out to ensure everything was fine. Would be cool if GRiZ hooked her up with something too!


Drone hit me in the face and I still couldn’t stop smiling @GRiZ #EDC #insomniac #Griz #drone #bestset

♬ Feel No Pain – GRiZ