Pasquale Rotella Speaks After Beyond Wonderland Shooting

After a shooting at Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge that killed two people and injured three more, Pasquale Rotella has released a statement via social media.

In his post, Pasquale provides an account of the incident that occurred, while acknowledging the victims and their families, and expressing gratitude for Insomniac workers on the scene at the time. He also explains the reasons behind the decision to continue the festival on Day 1, amidst brewing controversy on social media. He closes with: ‘Please take care of yourselves and continue spreading love and support to one another especially during this difficult time.’

The shooting took place during Beyond Wonderland last Saturday, June 17th around 8:30pm in the overflow campgrounds of the Gorge. According to reports, the shooter randomly started shooting into the crowd while being apprehended, leading to the deaths and injuries of the victims. The event continued on as normal inside the venue on Day 1, but was cancelled on Day 2.