Ohio Man Has Blasted ‘Move Your Body’ On Repeat Every Day for Month Straight

Move Your Body

A TikTok user in Lima, Ohio posted videos to the platform to showcase his noisy neighbor. But this is not your average noisy neighbor. This neighbor has been blasting ‘Move Your Body’ by Marshall Jefferson on repeat every single day for a month now. The man with username @angels_fall81 on TikTok posts daily updates of his struggle asking for help .

“How many of you guys have a neighbor who plays the same song over and over and over 24/7 and won’t stop?” he asks in his video. “Why can’t we get a break from this?”

The most recent video posted is an update of Police walking away from the man’s house. We can see the police managed to silence the neighbor (for now), and serve him with a court date. @angels_fall81 responds with “God bless you guys!”. Looks like the neighborhood will be getting a much needed rest from “Move Your Body”