Mathame Sparks Anticipation with Exciting Album Announcement

In an exciting announcement that has sent waves of anticipation through the electronic music community, Mathame just announced their first album release.

Mathame, the sibling duo of Matteo and Amnesia also revealed the name of the album which will be ‘MEMO’. The Italian artists shared the update only a few days before release, leaving followers eager to uncover the details of this intriguing revelation. Mathame also revealed the artwork for the album that will be released this Friday, June 30.

In the post, Mathame hinted at a new project on the horizon, fueling curiosity and speculation among their followers. While the details about this album remain a mystery, the duo’s history of delivering emotive and immersive music experiences suggests that whatever they have in store will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Known for their meticulous attention to detail and passion for sonic storytelling, Mathame has carved a unique space within the electronic music realm. From their signature track “Skywalking” to collaborations with big artists such as Tale of Us, they have consistently captivated listeners with their ethereal soundscapes and melodies.