Gorgon City Reveals New Album and Drops New Single

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Gorgon City / Ministry of Sound

Gorgon City, the electrifying dance music duo from North London, is bringing in new addictive bangers for their fans to listen to nonstop. The duo announced that they will release a new album, Salvation, which is set to release on July 21st. In addition to the announcement of Salvation, they also provide a sneak preview for the album by way of their newest single, ‘Lost & Found’ feat. DRAMA. The album’s announcement and new single’s release allow Gorgon City to return in a marvelous manner and show the fans that they’re still one of the world’s most intriguing dance music duos. Check out the new single via YouTube below.

Gorgon City Present New Single, ‘Lost & Found’

Gorgon City’s newest single, ‘Lost & Found’, engages the listeners in a house track that has the potential to become a delightful summer house anthem. ‘Lost & Found’ contains a pulse-pumping synth bassline and has the support of Chicago-based duo DRAMA’s hypnotizing melodic vocals. The new single embraces delicate piano interludes and a gradually intensifying groove. ‘Lost & Found’ brings out a enthusiastic and passionate energy.

The dynamic collaboration between Gorgon City and DRAMA, previously recognized for their Silver-certified track ‘You’ve Done Enough,’ has evolved into a vibrant blend of musical styles. In fact, this new single can definitely confirm their status as extraordinary partners in music creation.

The duo are fresh off of a series of amazing releases

Gorgon City’s release of ‘Lost & Found’ came fresh off of a series of successful singles, including ‘Sidewindah,’ ‘Remember,’ ‘Rumblah‘ and ‘Voodoo‘. The duo‘s latest release adds a tender touch to their distinguished reputation in the dance music world, highlighting their versatile artistry. ‘Voodoo,’ their recent single, gained momentum, praise, and recognition in recent months. For example, that track received extensive airplay on BBC Radio 1 with over 75 plays, and making its way onto the Official UK Singles Chart.

DRAMA, the duo from Chicago

DRAMA come from Chicago they are a captivating duo comprised of producer Na’el Shehade and vocalist/songwriter Via Rosa (birth name Lluvia Rosa Vela). Their unique, jamming musical style merges elements of R&B and dance, traversing an eclectic range of genres such as pop, hip hop, jazz, bossa nova, and electronic.

DRAMA Chicago music duo
Photo Credit: DRAMA

Secure pre-order of the duo’s new album, Salvation

To secure a pre-order of Gorgon City’s new album Salvation, click on this link. By the time July 21st arrives, everyone will be pressing repeat to all of the album’s newest tracks, including ‘Lost & Found’. Furthermore, check out the whole tracklist of the album below,

  1. Wreckage (feat. Julia Church)
  2. Voodoo
  3. Heartless (feat. RAHH)
  4. Pose (feat. NEZ)
  5. Lost & Found (feat. DRAMA)
  6. A Lot Like Heaven (Feat. Julia Church)
  7. City Of Angels (Feat. Jelani Blackman)
  8. Remember The Days (Feat. Selah Sol)
  9. Gasoline (Feat. Santino Le Saint)
  10. Should’ve Known