LP Giobbi Releases The Infectious ‘Giodisco’

This one screams “energy” all over. It truly is a banger. AND her Defected debut as well.

Have a listen to what’s out now! LP Giobbi‘s latest single ‘Giodisco‘ has just landed on streaming platforms, after being teased all over the world. You might catch yourself singing the “para pa pa pa“s on this one: it’s one of those songs that sticks with you. It’s quite catchy.

Giobbi is one fastly-growing talent. A classically-trained musician, she has made a strong rise in popularity, with her skills on live sets and, of course, the level of her electronic productions. ‘Giodisco’ is not only her first original piece after her debut album, Light Places, but also her debut on Defected.


Joyful and vibrant, this track is one that feels as though a time traveler came to party with the 21st-century people. Marinated, cooked, and spiced in Disco, you can taste that playful flavour all throughout. The infectious nature of this track came just in time for the Summer season, so it’s highly likely you’ll get to dance it out live at some festival.

70s-resembling synths, melodies, and scales borrowed from the past, and an overall ambient of hands-in-the-air euphoria, ‘Giodisco’ is a track that should not, by any means, be slept on. It might even be physically impossible to do so, though, as this single is one that really makes you look.

Listen to it right now! Have a play of LP Giobbi’s brand-new ‘Giodisco’ by clicking the Spotify button below. Also, click here to support the song on any other platform of your choice.