Afro-melodic Artist Jordan John Makes His Mark with Debut Album, ‘Who is Jordan John’

Jordan John is a new upstart in the melodic techno world. The Toronto-based Swiss-Caribbean DJ/producer spices up the genre with his distinctive tribal and Afro House influences. His ethereal melodies and intricate sound design on his tracks have become a part of his identity. And now he continues to solidify his status with the release of his debut album, Who is Jordan John.

Out now on Steve Lawler’s iconic eVIVE label, the debut album takes listeners on a journey across continents and space, from the tropical beaches of Bali all the way to the sandy coasts of Tulum. With a fluorescent flow from track to track, step into Jordan John’s sonic soundscapes that he has ushered through his afro and tribal influences.

Here’s what Steve had to say about this signing which speaks volume of who Jordan John is and will be:

I signed this immediately upon hearing the whole album, such an incredible piece of work, the production on this record is of the highest level. Jordan John is going to be a name to watch out for! I’m extremely happy I can put this record out on my eVIVE Recordings” -Steve Lawler