Fedde Le Grand Teams Up With Munto on New Track, ‘B2B’

With immense anticipation surrounding it, ‘B2B’ the latest opus from internationally acclaimed DJ and producer Fedde Le Grand, is propelling him to unprecedented heights. This highly esteemed artist has solidified his position among the industry’s elite, as evidenced by his inclusion in DJ Mag’s renowned Top 100 DJs ranking. Additionally, his staggering achievement of amassing over 800 million streams on Spotify further attests to his prodigious talent.

Collaborating with the gifted German-Congolese songwriter and producer Muntu, Fedde Le Grand embraces his roots and embarks on a sonic voyage back to his origins. ‘B2B’ seamlessly melds the timeless essence of dance music with the distinctive touch of this globally celebrated maestro.

Prepare to be captivated by a musical tour de force as Fedde Le Grand and Muntu unite in their exhilarating collaboration, ‘B2B.’ This electrifying production harmoniously blends Le Grand’s signature house elements, resulting in a remarkable opus that culminates in a dance music masterpiece unlike any other.

Crafted with utmost precision, the composition of this track creates an impeccable anthem for the dance floor. The captivating vocals exude an irresistible charm, guaranteeing a euphoric auditory experience that will leave a lasting impression.

With its vibrant fusion of infectious beats, pulsating basslines, and captivating melodies, ‘B2B’ emanates an irresistibly radiant energy. This contagious fervor traverses through the ears, transporting listeners to the very essence of musical ecstasy.

Fedde Le Grand shared his thoughts on the release, saying:

“It was a pure delight working on the B2B track. I used all the ingredients to make it a proper dance track. I very much enjoyed working on this piece and hope my fans feel the same”

Released via Virgin Records, ‘B2B’ is now available for streaming across all platforms.