Google Is Canceling Customers’ Pixel Fold Pre-Orders By Mistake

Google is canceling pre-orders for the Pixel Fold because the bank or credit card information provided by some consumers cannot be verified.

Complaining customers have been posting on Reddit and sharing their differing responses from Google Support. One said customer support noted they acknowledged the issue of Pixel Fold pre-order cancellations and are currently investigating the situation. This customer was advised that customers who have experienced order cancellations should refrain from placing new orders at this time. However, another poster was told to place a new order.

A significant number of people have had their Pixel Fold pre-orders unexpectedly canceled, which has led to a barrage of unhappy posts about the situation:

“Ordered May 10th and order canceled early this morning because payment couldn’t be verified. Geeze I’m glad a random $2,000 charge won’t go through at 3 am on a Sunday and now I get to wait another month for my fold.”

“I did the chat support for the issue and just essentially pleaded that they don’t cancel my order. (my bank declined 4 times until I woke up and texted it was an authorized charge) I never received any other update from Google itself saying to update payment or cancellation or anything. Just hope it goes through. is lack of transparency on Google’s part.”

“Pre-ordered the first day it was available, had the usual fraud concern with a big order through my CC this morning, called the bank to clear it on their end, Google canceled on their end. I called and spoke with a Google Store agent who said they can’t do anything and to reorder but will escalate the issue since it’s a known bug to try and clear this up for me within 24 hours.”

The Pixel Fold pre-order cancellations are causing even more frustration for customers who were expecting to receive their phones in late June or early July. The new delivery dates range from early August to late September for various models. These delays are likely due to the high demand for the Pixel Fold and the ongoing supply chain issues.

Google Support has stated that they are experiencing a high volume of calls regarding this issue and that an update will be issued in the next day or two.

As a final affront to customers, many who received their Pixel Folds this week have stated the devices have already broken. The damage ranges from screen issues to debris pressed into the phone by the futuristic folding. Not a good look for Google.