Depeche Mode – My Cosmos Is Mine (ANNA Remix)

With this brand new track ANNA brings her melodic techno and hypnotic sound to remix this track from Depeche Mode‘s Memento Mori, ‘My Cosmos is Mine‘. Memento Mori was announced by Dave Gahan and Martin Gore in October of last year, and ‘Ghosts Again‘ was shared a few months later. After Spirit in 2017, Memento Mori is their first album in six years and came out on March 24.

ANNA’s more upbeat take on this song is in contrast to the more slow and experimental rhythmic pulse of the original by Depeche Mode. The ever-evolving and progressing melodic patterns draw you in and put you in a trance-like state. A true example of core melodic techno, ANNA’s remix lets offbeat elements and synthesized white noise shine through a dark, heavy low end.

Check out ‘My Cosmos Is Mine (ANNA Remix)’ below! Also, click here to listen to it on YouTube, on Depeche Mode’s official channel.