Cosmic Boys – Toi & Moi EP

Techno titans Cosmic Boys are back with more intergalactic sounds, this time on their Scander label with their Toi & Moi EP. Both tracks are high-energy techno tracks that will get you moving from the first time you listen to them. This is another powerful offering from these innovative techno talents.

Cosmic Boys are a French techno duo who have become a driving force within the global techno scene. Known for their blend of tantalizing synths laced with twisted euphoria and thundering percussion, they have played all over the world and run their own Legend event in their hometown of Pérols in France, and they donate part of the profits to a charity that helps children with serious illnesses. The guys have charted several times at the top of Beatport Charts and have collaborated with titans such as UMEK and have released on Minus and Drumcode.

Toi‘ is a track that brings out their pumping techno side with a touch of minimal melodic. A French vocal adds depth next to a seductive English voice, and it makes for an all-consuming and absorbing groove. Also, with a driving beat that is complemented by arpeggiated synths. As the track progresses, the energy level builds and the track reaches a euphoric peak.

Moi‘ is a more direct and club-ready sound with French vocals written during a safari in South Africa, The edgy synths are raw and high impact and add further allure to this high-grade weapon. The track then drops back down to a more subdued groove, but the energy level remains high. Overall, ‘Toi & Moi’ is a well-crafted techno EP that is sure to please a fan of the genre.

You can listen to Cosmic Boys- ‘Toi & Moi’ below!