Subtronics And John Summit Upload Unique ‘SUBJOHNICS’ EDC B2B

SUBJOHNICS, the most exciting duo in dance music has taken over the industry. Bringing together house music and dubstep, the duo composed of John Summit and Subtronics performed one of the most surprising sets during this year’s EDC. Now, their set is available for you to enjoy on youtube.

Subtronics And John Summit Upload Unique 'SUBJOHNICS' EDC B2B

Subtronics. John Summit. Two of the most beloved DJs in today’s dance music scene. The two artists are currently on top of their respective sides of the industry. John Summit has been the face of the house music resurgence in America. Subtronics is one of the most acclaimed projects in the dubstep scene. For years, the fans of both genres have fought each other. Bass heads calling house boring. House heads calling bass weird noises. Can’t we all just get along? We all like computer noises and standing in front of guys “pressing play” on tunes, so why is it so hard to understand and embrace the diversity this community was founded upon?

It would seem both Summit and Subtronics have found themselves asking the same question. More importantly, they decided to do something about it. At this year’s EDC Las Vegas edition, the two DJs came together for a very special set. One that proves that, on top of everything, we just want to enjoy the music. Dance, enjoy, and have fun with our friends.

SUBJOHNICS Delivers EDC Most Unexpected Set

For half an hour, EDC experienced SUBJOHNICS, one of the most unique sets Las Vegas has ever seen. Both DJs are obviously living their best lives on stage. No genre barriers, no haters, only music and good times.

Both Subtronics and John Summit have gotten their fair share of hate inside their genre. Now, they’ve gone above and beyond the barrier of the genres. SUBJOHNICS is here to stay, and we love it!