Filth on Acid Stamp Collection Vol.3 Compilation Out Now

The Amsterdam label Filth on Acid is back with a third volume of its essential Stamp Collection series. In this one, Reinier Zonneveld‘s label gathers some of the biggest names in techno together for an all-out assault on your senses including the likes of Alan Fitzpatrick, Belocca, Kiki Solvej, Mha Iri, Township Rebellion, Ramiro Lopez, and many more. 

Obviously, Filth on Acid has been one of the leading techno labels for years now. This third Stamp Collection showcases the breadth and depth of the label as it goes from raw and underground to massive crossovers between hard techno, rave, hard trance, and melodic techno. 

Alan Fitzpatrick opens up with the unrelenting ‘Triple H‘ and then comes fellow Brit and fast-rising talent Mha Iri with the bright chords and thumping drums of ‘Good Energy‘. Moreover, Kiki Solvej comes through with the funky techno of ‘Bang To My Beat‘. The Township Rebellion duo gets deeper with ‘Placebo‘ and VE/RA’s ‘Timeless‘ is a bright and trance-tinged banger. 

Elsewhere there is Belocca’s raw and gritty ‘God Of The Sun‘, Zeltak’s slamming ‘Acid Opera‘ and BK‘s strobe-lit peak time monster ‘Day Break‘. Klaps layers up wild synth flashes and powerful drums on P909S303Y and Ramiro Lopez bounces on big drums and hypnotic melodies with ‘She Can Take You‘. Frankyeffe brings the darkness on ‘Ready Or Not‘, Lander B gets trippy with ‘Ufo‘ and Dok & Martin x Theodor Nabuurs combine to great effect on ‘Where Is My Body‘. Finally, the collection closes out with Clif Jacks‘ serene ‘Somewhere‘, Patrik Berg‘s hypnotic techno anthem ‘New Era‘, Balthazar & JackRock‘s stripped back ‘Take Me Higher‘, and Danny Avila x Ramiro Lopez‘s moody, vocal laced late night menace, ‘Diablo‘. 

You can listen to Filth on Acid’s Stamp Collection Vol.3 below.