Anjunabeats Celebrate 20 Years with ‘The Deep Mixes’

The music scene shut its doors in 2020 but Anjunabeats kept their gears turning. Turns out 2020 marked their 20 years of being Anjunabeats. Several one-day festivals were planned throughout the year, but due to the unfortunate global health crisis of COVID-19, all shows were canceled. Don’t let that bum you out yet though. To make up for the lost year, Anjunabeats decided to give us The Deep Mixes.’ This set of Anjunabeats classics are remixes of singles from Above & Beyond’s debut album Tri-State. It also includes remixes of vocal anthems from their renowned ‘Group Therapy’ album. On top of these eleven remixes is a rework of Matt Lange’s ‘Rift’, a timeless track from the Anjunadeep catalog.

Who’s Remixing Them?

I’m glad you ask. ‘The Deep Mixes‘ tracklist is full of Anjunadeep known artists. Some of those include Dosem, Nox Vahn, Braxton, and Jon Gurd. Above & Beyond, the creators of Anjunabeats wanted to nail all their favorite strains of house in one mix. From the sound of it, they did just that. Artist Mem Aleph and M.O.S. cover some melodic house while Khen, Boxer, and Amy Wiles provide some more up-tempo moments. Here is what Tony McGuinness from Above & Beyond said:

“The year of lockdown became the year of deep for me. With no Above & Beyond gigs to fly off to I spent the time at home immersing myself in Anjunadeep and beyond, and playing long DJ sets from my kitchen – and beyond! Along the way, we’ve got to know some super talented producers and have managed to persuade a good many of them to get involved in our 20 years of Anjunabeats remix initiative.”

The result is a dozen awesome remixes spanning the full range of deep house flavors, from the organic realm of A.M.R, M.O.S., Mem Aleph, Khen, Newman (I Love), and Shai T, through the futuristic progressive house of Alex O’Rion and breaks of Jon Gurd and Braxton and up to the more banging end of things with Dosem, Nox Vahn, Boxer, and Amy Wiles. What’s been the most pleasant surprise of the year for me is how at home many of these songs feel at these lower tempos and in these more relaxed styles, certainly a lesson for me going forward. Thanks to all the remixers, and to you for listening.”

It’ll be good to know where you will be streaming the body of work. ‘The Deep Mixes‘ is available exclusively on Beatport as of right now. The long-term relationship between Anjunabeats and Beatport is a good place to start for the record label. However, fans will be able to hear the body in full through streaming platforms soon.

In Conclusion

Anjunabeats and Above & Beyond have been killing it since the start. They’re still known for their long yet addicting mixes and their focus around trance and house. ‘The Deep Mixes‘ is their crown walking into the new post-pandemic world of music. Walking with over 700 releases on the Anjunabeats label, there was no better time to celebrate. Overall, there is no doubt these remakes will find their way into sets throughout this special year. Lastly, Above & Beyond just announced their Anjunafamily reunion tour. Read about it here.