Instagram Model Caught Mass-Asking For EDC Passes

do you by any chance have extra guest list spots?

So, EDC is one of the largest festivals in the whole year, and if you don’t know for a fact you’ll have to take our word for it. Many people rush to try and get in, were it via the normal route — aka, buying tickets — or some other methods. One of those other methods is by being on an artist’s guestlist.

And this girl knows that.

Instagram user @itsalimarie is making headlines as of today, after having been called out for sliding into many EDC artists’ DMs and asking to be on their guestlist. The internet swiftly jumped onto this situation:

You’d think she would delete some messages, as they seemed a bit too heartfelt to be sent MASSIVELY, kinda like sending a promo email to 20 different people using the BCC button. But, to make matters even worse…

So she didn’t even mean appreciation for any of the artists, AND defended herself by insulting the community. How lovely. Were you expecting to see if anyone had addressed her in the comments on her Instagram page? We have bad news for you: she has limited the comments on her IG posts. There may be beef if you go to Twitter, though.

If there’s one thing we can advise: just go the normal route and buy tickets to see your favourite artists with your own cash, or your effort at least. Even more so if you have the money. Otherwise, you’re at risk of being lost to the memes.