NBA Legend Shaq is Creating a Music Festival

Shaq (DJ Diesel) announced that he is creating his own festival this week. Our community has not seen someone like Shaq before, as he is a 4-time NBA champion.

But since his time in the NBA, the Hall-of-Famer was always interested in electronic music and DJing. So now, after imprinting himself on the industry by playing festivals and putting on shows over the last few years, he’s taking the next big step. Check out the surprising announcement below.

So, from what’s to expect from his latest post, Shaq will be hosting his very own Electronic music festival. Currently, he has yet to announce what he will call the festival or when and where it will take place. But indeed, he won’t hold back, and ravers may be in for a fun-filled treat.

Moreover, please keep your eyes peeled on Shaq’s socials to learn more about his new festival creation.

Photo via Facebook: DJ Diesel