Spencer Brown’s Otherworldly Argentina Debut

One of the core artists of the Anjuna brand came down for a show to the beautiful Buenos Aires, and gave a show only he could master.

April started with a bang over here in Argentina. And no, luckily for the date, what we lived wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. It was as real as it could get. Young prodigy Spencer Brown had a pending date with the Land of Tango, and a while ago he announced he’d come here to spend a couple hours playing the best he could offer.

Recently, I talked about the parties in Argentina and just how good they are. To put it in perspective, here’s my self-quote from Marsh’s Argentina article:

Argentina is one of the best places around the world to hold a party. Its people work wonders. Parties don’t usually start before midnight, and the tonic here is to dance, quite literally, all night long. If the sun is rising behind the de la Plata river (I’m specifically talking Buenos Aires here), you still have a while to go before leaving. That’s how incredible the parties are over here.” -Me.

Buenos Aires.

Spencer’s BA Debut

This was, as the title suggests, an otherworldly night. From start to finish, the crowd and the DJs helped make this one for the books.

The Bow, Buenos Aires

The Bow is, just like 2GTHR, located in the River area of Buenos Aires. While the latter is part of Costa Salguero, the former is just nearby, in a place called Punta Carrasco. In said place stand several venues, for example Mandarine Park, Bayside, and, of course, The Bow. The place is full of history, having been home to a handful of Trance and Progressive acts along the years.

The place is quite comfortable, styling a classic club design, and with the booth raised around 2 metres over the dancefloor. Two bars on the sides plus one out on the backyard have you stocked with your favourite drinks at all times. Lights, hanging screens, and more, make this a great place to go see someone play. Have a look at some pictures below:

The view from behind the booth.
The view towards the booth.
Another angle.

The Spencer Experience

Spencer Brown came and smashed it all night long, to try and put it into words. Opening the night was his friend, collaborator, and Anjunadeep mate, Ezequiel Arias, who ran from midnight until 03:30. Then Spencer jumped into the booth. And, oh boy.

He opened his set with that one song that got me to him: ‘Divine Intervention‘. It’s still one of my favourite songs of all time, from all artists. It’s got that bittersweet melody, the chords consonant and dissonant just in the right amount, a perfect track altogether. Listen to it right here. Then, all through the night, he played tons of tracks, old and new, including melodic gems like ‘18 Min Loop‘, ‘Pursuance‘, and closing the night with ‘Will I Ever Find Love?‘. Also, not to be left aside, an absolutely tremendous amount of darker, harder-hitting tracks were dropped on the dancefloor, such as ‘Windows 95 On Acid‘, his remix for Kx5‘s ‘Escape‘, and even a new collaboration he and Arias made to premiere that same night. Have a listen down below:

Also also, there was one track I never thought I’d get to hear from him: his unreleased remix of Michael Jackson‘s hit ‘Thriller‘. Wow! Just wow. I was in total disbelief when he dropped it. I still remember the evil smile he had just before the iconic line. It was a night to remember for quite some time.

Final Words

It’s safe to say we all had an amazing time last Saturday. Spencer was also absolutely amazed by the energy of the Argentinian crowd, and it’s highly likely that he’ll come back for another dose of manija (the word used in here to denote excitement and energy). We will be eagerly waiting!

The venue has uploaded the official pictures on their Facebook page. Click here to see them! Also, have a snippet of my blurry and unprofessional POV of the great, great night Spencer delivered in Buenos Aires.

Keep in mind this video was taken at 6:30 AM.

Dear Spencer: is it too much of a dream on my side if I beg for this set to be the next diviine mixseries episode?

Caught him behind the booth just minutes before coming on stage, and agreed to a picture straight away. Thanks pal!